PHUM KHMER by Suorkear Investment

The upcoming project, PHUM KHMER by Suorkear Investment is located in Sambour Village, Sambour Commune, Siem Reap City only 5 kilo meter from city center. [Read More]

Sambour Flat house

Located in Sambour village, Sambour commune, Siem Reap City, Siem Reap. Consist of total 136 units

Phum Kna Land

Located in Kna village, Chreav Commune, Siem Reap City, Siem Reap

Our Competitive Advantages

Hospitality business

The positive trend still exists in this hospitality market due to the positive impact from opportunities such as the continual emerging of Chinese middle class, Cambodian Tourism Marketing Strategy 2015-2020 of Ministry of Tourism., The potential growth of American segment thank to the promotion of some well-known world super stars.

Real Estate development business

With the opportunities due to the AEC, the city urbanization, and the demographic increases in Siem Reap, this land price will keep the positive trend although the short term affect from possible crisis cycle in Real Estate.