PHUM KHMER by Suorkear Investment

The upcoming project, PHUM KHMER by Suorkear Investment is located in Sambour Village, Sambour Commune, Siem Reap City only 5 kilo meter from city center. [Read More]

Sambour Flat house

Located in Sambour village, Sambour commune, Siem Reap City, Siem Reap. Consist of total 136 units

Phum Kna Land

Located in Kna village, Chreav Commune, Siem Reap City, Siem Reap

Who we are?

Suorkear Investment (SKI) is a local real estate developer base in Siem Reap, Cambodia. SKI was established in 2012. Our vision is to be one of Cambodia’s leading property investment, development, and management company with strong commitment to the Corporate Social Responsibility. Our first target customer is the local people with middle or low income which is a mass market in Cambodia in order to give them the opportunities to have their own land and house transitioning from staying in a renting room or house. We have accomplished our previous project with a total of 435 units.

What we do?

  • Our core capability of SKI is related to the Real Estate development and Hotel management.
  • For Real Estate business line, the targeted customer is the local middle low end customer (mass market) with the annual revenue up to 10 000 USD. Besides, the hospitality business line, the boutique hotel is designed in the traditional concept and it targets mainly western tourists seeking for escapist experiences.


Be one of Cambodia’s leading property investment, development, and management company with strong commitment to the Corporate Social Responsibility.


With our expertise, our mission is to create and maximize the value for our stakeholders as well as for our society:

  • Customers: we aim to maintain good customer relationship by delivering them with extraordinary experiences throughout the whole transaction with SKI.
  • Employee: we aim to bring our employees with well-being and high productivity by committing to be one of the socially responsible employers.
  • Investors: one of our commitments is to create and maximize the sustainable shareholders’ value.
  • Business: we commit to keep increasing and expanding the highly profitable and wise investment projects.
  • Society: We strive to contribute to the sustainable development of the whole society to which we take part.

Core value

SKI is attached to four main core values:

  • Integrity: one of our ethical principles in doing business is the integrity in the extent to which we value honesty and mutual trust.
  • Offer more than expectation: in-depth understanding our customers is another principle which enables us to deliver extraordinary experiences which are beyond their expectation.
  • Benefit for all stakeholders: another ethical principle is related to the sharing and satisfying benefits to our stakeholders including customers, employees, shareholders, and the whole society.
  • Learning, Innovation, and Growth Organization: SKI is an organization which prioritizes collective knowledge and know-how improvement. To this extent, knowledge management has been put in practices and innovation enabling environment has been created. As a result, since its existence, SKI always brings innovative business idea as well as new business to sustain its growth in terms of profitability as well as the size of the organization.

Stategic Goal

So as to achieve our vision and mission, SKI strives to attain four strategic goals:

  • Increase the profitable investment portfolio based on the core capability of SKI, portfolio synergy and opportunities.
  • Develop specific strategies for each business unit with a proper management to sustain the competitive advantages.
  • Strengthen the management team by attracting, developing and retaining caliber employees.
  • Develop the operational excellence to ensure the efficiency, flexibility, rapid execution and strong control.

What we need?

  • Regarding to the business growth opportunities, based principally on our core capability and competitive advantages, SKI’s sustainable and profitable growth strategies consists of expanding and diversifying the projects along with the 2016-2020 strategic plans.
  • In this respect, the investment opportunities are and will be open to both local and foreign investors who share the same vision, ambition, and core value with SKI.